How to Use BioBank Japan's Samples and Data

Steps for Provision of Samples and Data

【Steps for Provision of Samples and Data】

The biological samples and data stored and managed by BioBank Japan (BBJ), including DNA, serum and clinical information, will be provided to you under certain conditions after reviewing your application. DNA samples are provided in units of 5 μg (50 μl) and serum samples in units of 350 μl to 1000 μl. DNA is extracted from blood.

Step1:Consult on access to samples/data

Step2:Make an application to the Sample and Data Access Committee

(1)Application to the Sample and Data Access Committee:

Sample/Data Access Application Form

Appendix A, Appendix A for Serum Panel, or Appendix B for Storage Consignment to Application Form

Research Project Plan (Format at your discretion; documents and figures can be attached.)

A duplicate of a written approval issued by the ethical review committee of your organization

Security Guideline Checklist


Please read through the following before making an application.

Sample and Data Access Committee Operating Rules

Sample and Data Access Committee Review Criteria

BBJ Sample and Data Access Guidelines

BBJ Data Handling Security Guidelines (for Users)

Please be advised that BBJ posts on its website a list of sample/data recipients with the titles of their research projects, among other information. When writing a paper or making a presentation at an academic conference, please acknowledge the use of BBJ’s samples/data.

(2)Electronic Review:The review process will be on-line with the exception of reviews that require lengthy discussion due to the research’s complicated nature. The decision of the review will be notified via email.

(3)Reporting of the review result: The review result will be reported to you via email.

Step3:Conclude an agreement

Step4:Receive samples/data

The Samples/data will be provided to the applicants in the following manner: Samples: The applicant will be notified when the samples are retrieved from the archive and ready for delivery. Samples will be 1) kept at the temperature of 4℃ for DNA samples, 2) frozen for serum samples, and sent via express delivery service and will arrive in one or two business days.
Data: Clinical data from BBJ will be decompressed and provided in the CD-ROM format. The applicant will be notified a password via email to unzip the files. Genetic data are downloadable from the National Bioscience Data Center (NBDC) website. The applicants should follow the instructions given by NBDC in applying for the access of genetic datasets.

Step5:Make a payment

Payment: When you receive the bill, you should make payment by the due date.

Step6:Submit annual reports

Annual reports: You are requested to submit an annual report of your research and a security checklist every year in August until your research is completed.

Step7:Samples/data use period

③All the steps have been completed.

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