About BioBank Japan

Biobank Japan (BBJ) is a disease-oriented biobank that receives biological samples and clinical information from participating patients diagnosed with target diseases through cooperative medical institutions nationwide and stores such samples and information.

BBJ was established in 2003 at the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo, as part of a national project to realize personalized medicine based on individual genetic information and began recruiting participants(patients) and collecting biological samples and clinical information. Currently, BBJ holds DNA samples and clinical information from approximately 270,000 individuals and serum samples from approximately 200,000 individuals. BBJ contributes to the development of genomic medicine by providing these research resources to studies that meet the screening criteria and producing excellent research results, aiming for a healthy future for every one of us.

BioSamples and
Data Collections of BBJ

(as of 2024.4.1)

Collaborative Patients

270,000 patients


800,000 tubes


1,700,000 tubes

Genomic Data / Information

SNP:270,000 patients
Clinical Information:
270,000 patients

DNA samples, serum samples, and clinical information at Biobank Japan (BBJ) are stored in sample storage facilities under strict security control that meets ISO standards. BBJ can provide these samples and data to the broad research community; researchers from various research institutions and companies aiming to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Research projects seeking access to these samples and data must undergo a rigorous screening process in accordance with Japanese rules, including laws and guidelines.

Furthermore, BBJ is actively working to enhance the molecular bioinformation infrastructure crucial for genomic and medical research. This effort is to ensure alignment with the rapidly advancing technology of genome analysis and data-driven research.

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